About Us

Established in 1952 by Ken Briggs Senior, see our company history timeline below.

Birth of the business
Ken Briggs Senior

Ken Briggs Senior began rearing chickens at home, in his spare time after work, which were then sold on the local markets.

Building the brand
Peckmill Poultry
Market days were the main output of his production and he began to produce in a larger scale, following demand for his birds, at his new address Peckmill, hence Peckmill Poultry.
Aug 2001
Changing Hands
Ken Briggs Junior

Ken Briggs Junior took over the company when he passed his driving test at seventeen, and steered the business to more wholesale than retail.

Limited Company
Ken Briggs Ltd.
The company became limited in 2003 and the name chosen for Companies House was Ken Briggs Ltd.
Vehicle Fleet
Today Ken has four vehicles delivering within the East Midlands areas, and a staff of ten.
01 Jan 2020
Today and Beyond
Family Business
The company still is very much a family affair, and customer satisfaction is paramount..